1. How do I shop at Computer.OnlineStore.SG?
Shopping at Computer.OnlineStore.SG is easy and uses a shopping cart system. You can search and browse our products, and even customize them to your preferred specification. For example, you can add the memory and hard disk capacity of computer systems (where available). Once you have configured your product, click the ‘Add to cart’ button to add it to your shopping cart. If you wish to purchase more items, continue to browse the store to add them to your shopping cart.

2. How do I comparison shop?
You can now compare the features of the product side by side using our Feature Comparison tool.

  • To add item(s) to Compare List - Click on [Add to compare list] next to the product information.
  • To compare items - Click on [compare] in the Feature comparison box.
  • To remove item(s) from Compare List - Click on [X] next to the product name on the Feature Comparison Chart.
  • To compare similar features among item(s) – Click on [Similar Only] on the top bar of the Feature Comparison Chart
  • To compare different features among item(s) – Click on [Different Only] on the top bar of the Feature Comparison Chart
  • To purchase an item on the Feature Comparison Chart - Click on [Add to cart]
  • To clear entire compare list – Click on [clear list]
3. How do I browse the store by popular tags?
We have introduced this popular tag cloud in our store. Tag clouds allow you to view products with common features and the tag clouds size varies depending on the number of products that are associated with the tag. You may also tag your selected products as you shop. To do so, simply login to your account, select the product, click on [Tag] and enter the key word and click on [save tag]. We reserve the right to amend/remove any tag that is deemed unsuitable or inappropriate for the product(s) without prior notice.

4. How do I manage my shopping cart?
You can view, update and remove the items which you have added to the shopping cart. To do this, click on cart icon at the top left corner and [view cart]. Click on [X] box next to the item to remove from the cart or change the quantity of the respective products. Next, click on “Update” to perform the changes.

5. What is wish list?
The wish list is a list of items you are interested in but not yet ready to purchase. You may keep this list for future purchases or use it to email to your friends and family as gift suggestions. To add an item to your wish list, simply browse to the items you desired and click the [Add to wish list]. At anytime, you may view the items in your wish list by going to [My account] area and click on [wish list]. You may Click on [Add to Cart] when you are ready to purchase or Click on [X] box next to the item to remove from the wish list.

6. How do I search for the products?
You may use the following methods to search for the items on our store..

  • CATEGORIES - Located at the left side of the Home page, simply select the products by categories of main, 1st sub, and 2nd sub categories from the list. This is the method that is most widely used.
  • SHOPPING OPTION - After you have selected the relevant category, simply go to this navigation tool titled "Shopping Options" to narrow your selection by manufacturer or price.
  • SEARCH - Located at the top left of the page, simply select the category and type a keyword to search and a list of related items will be presented.
  • ADVANCE SEARCH - Select [Advance Search] at the top of the page and type in the respective details of your search such as key words to be found in [Product name] and/or [Short description] and/or [Full description] and/or [Keywords]. You may also search the items by the product code or narrow your selection by providing a range for your search by Price or Weight.
  • TAG CLOUD - Kindly refer to FAQ Shopping.

7. What shall I do if I cannot find the product that I am looking for?
You may either complete the online enquiry form or call us at 6820-3988.

Managing My Account

1. How do I create an account?
To create a new account, simply log on to http://computer.onlinestore.sg and register with a valid email address.

2. How do I retrieve my password?
If you've forgotten your password, click here to request it to be sent to your registered email account.

3. How do I update my account?
Changing your account details is simple. Simply log in to your account and go to the "My Account" section. Here, you can view or change your account information, view or change entries in your address book and change your account password.

Placing My Order

1. How do I place an order?
Once you have all the desired items in your shopping cart, you can proceed to the checkout page by clicking the "Checkout" button on the shopping cart page. If you are new customer, you can create an account which allows you to login at a later date to check the status of your orders, change preferences, and expedite future purchases. You may also proceed without creating an account. For returning customer, just login with your email address and password.

Next, you will be asked to provide your shipping and billing information on subsequent pages. You may be presented with several shipping options depending on your shipping address.

At the final checkout screen, you will be offered several payment methods including credit cards, PayPal, cheque, fund transfer. If you are paying with a Visa, MasterCard or Purchase Card, you will be redirected to Worldpay credit card payment page to enter your credit card details and complete your order. If you are paying via PayPal, you will be redirected to PayPal to complete your order. At PayPal, you could pay using your Paypal account or credit cards. Once the order is placed, an order confirmation email will be sent to you.

2. What type of payment do you accept?
We offer four payment modes on our website:

  • Bank Transfer (via TT, Internet, ATM) - Please remit your payment in SGD (Singapore Dollars) to our bank account as detailed below, and indicate the order number as reference.
    • Payee: ClickHere2 Network Pte Ltd
    • Bank Name: DBS Bank Ltd
    • Account Type : Current Account
    • Account Number: 029-018646-4
    • Bank Code: 7171
    • Bank Address: 12 Tampines Central 1 #01-04 DBS Tampines Centre Singapore 529537
    • Please note that your order be shipped upon receipt of your payment.

  • Cheque - Please make payment in SGD (Singapore Dollars) in favour of "ClickHere2 Network Pte Ltd", and indicate the order number as reference and mailed it to:
    • Clickhere2 Network Pte Ltd
    • 21 Bukit Batok Crescent, WCEGA Tower #12-79 Singapore 658065
    • Please note that your order be shipped upon receipt of your payment.

  • VISA/MasterCard (via RBS WorldPay) - Click Purchase by Credit Card and you will be redirected to Worldpay payment page to complete your order. Please note that payment by credit cards will attract a surcharge of additional 3% on the total invoice amount.

  • PayPal - Click Purchase by PayPal and you will be you redirected to PayPal to complete your order either using your PayPal account or credit cards. Please note that payment by credit cards will attract a surcharge of additional 3% on the total invoice amount.

3. How do I check the status of my order?
There are two ways you can check your order status.
  • Log on to your account using your registered email address. Next, click on ‘My Orders’ to view the current status of your ordered goods.
  • Enter your order ID or email address in the "Track my order" box and the access instructions will sent to your e-mail address.

4. How long does it take for orders to be processed?
Orders will be processed within one business day.

5. What are the different order status?
Each order can be at any of the following status:
  • "Open" – This means that we have received your order and awaiting processing.
  • "Processed" – This means that your order has been processed and awaiting packaging and shipment.
  • "Completed" – This means that your order has been shipped to you. Goods received are in good condition.
  • "Cancelled" – This means that your order has been cancelled by you or by our staff.
  • "Failed" – This means that your order has failed and not captured by our system. Please place a fresh order.
  • "Declined" – This means that your order has been declined. Please contact us for more information.

6. How do I contact you if I have questions about my order?
You may either complete the online enquiry form or call us at 6820-3988.

7. How can I cancel or amend my order?
If you wish to cancel or amend your order, please contact us or call us at 6820-3988. ClickHere2 Network Pte Ltd reserves the right to charge customer a cancellation fee of twenty-five percent (25%) of the value of the order.

Shipping & Handling

1. How long does it take to receive my order?
Orders placed for items which are in stock, will be delivery within 2 business days. Delivery will be done before 5pm, otherwise notify of special request. For further assistant on delivery date and time, please contact us.

2. How do I access and track my orders?
To view and access any order placed on your account, first log on to your account. In the "My account" box, click on “Orders”. You will next see a list of orders you have made. Clicking on each order will display order details like the order number, delivery status, products ordered and total cost. You may also search your orders by amount, order number, period and order status.

3. Can I change my shipping address after I placed my order?
Please make sure the stated shipping address is correct on your account before placing an order. If an order has already been placed and you wish to amend the delivery address, please contact us for assistance.

4. Is local shipping free?
Yes, Shipping & delivery to address in Singapore is FREE. However we do not deliver to Changi Airport, Seletar Airport, Sentosa, Hotel reception or Hotel rooms, Offshore islands, Jurong Islands, Military Airbases/ Installations, Prisons, PSA Ports, Varsity Campuses/Hostels, Construction Sites as well as PO Boxes. Please contact us to arrange for a delivery at an alternative address in Singapore mainland itself.

5. May I self collect my order?
Currently there is no self collect option available. All orders will be shipped free to Singapore addresses.

Returns & Cancellations

1. May I return my order?
All orders come with manufacturer warranty. If you have faulty, broken or incorrect goods you may wish to return these to us. Please contact us for assistance. For details on when we will accept return of goods, please see our Returns Policy.

2. May I cancel my order?
You may cancel an order which has not been processed and paid. Confirmed orders cannot be cancelled unless it is agreed in writing by our authorised representative.

Security & Privacy

1. How is the privacy of my personal details?
Your privacy is very important to us and we only gather information enough information so as to provide you the best customer service. Please refer to our Privacy Notice for more information.

2. How is the security of the online store?
Security is probably one of the most significant concerns for both the shopper and the retailer during an online transaction. In reality, an online transaction is probably more secure than a card transaction in a shop or conducted over the telephone or by fax, as the information transmitted online is strongly encrypted using complicated logarithm combinations. We do not collect and store customer credit card information on our servers. Our online store integrates with the leading payment processors like Worldpay and PayPal. Worldpay and PayPal use a combination of both established and innovative techniques to ensure the security and integrity of all sensitive data. Furthermore, Worldpay and PayPal public web servers are certified by a public Certificate Authority, ensuring that both the shopper and retailer can have confidence that nobody can impersonate WorldPay to obtain confidential information.